The Walk-Off: Step FourThe Walk-Off: Step FourModel: Mercedes Stafford.
Creative Director: Crystal T Harris of Faith Fashion & Photos.
Hair Stylist: Mercedes Stafford & Crystal T Harris.
Fashion Stylist: Crystal T Harris.
Wardrobe: Nikki T. Fashions.
Photographer: Timothy W Harris of Faith Fashion & Photos
Location: Faith Fashion & Photos Studio.
Memphis, TN.

Faith Fashion & Photos has moved on to the retirement of this website. After more than 20 years in the photography business, we have found renewed life and energy outside the studio.

Thank you to all who entered our studio; whether you were a customer, inquirer, or skilled artist, your presence has blessed us.

If you are a Faith Fashion & Photos client and need access to your images. Please contact us, and we will make arrangements for you.


Thank you, and be blessed in the name of Jesus,

Crystal and Tim Harris