Faith Fashion & Photos, LLC is a photography studio owned & operated by Crystal C Harris and Timothy W Harris

Thank you for seeking out Faith Fashion & Photos, LLC. I am Crystal C Harris and I have been blessed to operate and manage this photography studio with my husband of 21 years, Timothy W Harris.

As life moves forward, families grow and businesses expand. The need for a talented photographer is no longer just annually for the family holiday pictures. The average business owner will have advertisements rolling out frequently. An updated headshot for business networking, social networking, or for a new career search is a must. Using a professional photography team for your new commercial product line gives a big boost to your marketing success.

Social media networks have proven to be enhanced by delivering quality & professional images along with your relative information. The success of your business can depend on your professional look and an upscale presentation. Faith Fashion & Photos will answer your questions, provide conceptual layouts and guide you through the photo project to generate the best photo results for your business needs.

On the personal side, families have engagements, marriages, maternity, and newborn babies all generating fresh new memories that need to be captured in time. The kids grow up to play sports or celebrate new adventures in the arts. They take that next step toward adulthood when they are ready for their senior high portraits. These are monumental moments in time that each family member wants to remember forever. This is where Faith Fashion & Photos fulfills your family and business needs. We capture the moments in time that you keep to memorize a fulfilled life.

Based in Spring Hill, TN (just a few miles south of Nashville), our photography teams bring their love for creative images together with decades of experience in sales and business. Understanding the need for top quality marketing images and combining creative photography skills has produced inspired campaigns displaying our heart, soul and passion for the photography industry and it's participants. Managing a team of artists including photographers, videographers, makeup artists, hair stylists and wardrobe stylists gives our studio team the best opportunity to deliver what a customer needs today.

Faith Fashion & Photos is built on strong relationships with customers and team members. The photography teams are assembled based on experience, creativity, desire, and efficiency. Each member brings a unique talent that specializes in delivering creative and professional images. These same talents augment the creative thought process from the beginning of the project to the delivery of the finished image. A team of excellent photographers provides each customer with the ability to have their photography needs met under one roof.

With a combined 25 years of business, sales and photography experience, we have found that having multiple creative artists included in each opportunity brings about the best results for every customer. Our collaborative team efforts bring fresh life to projects that resonate with the targeted audiences.

~ Fashion & Beauty Photography
~ Headshots for for Actors/Models/Business Clients
~ Portfolios for Actors and Models
~ Family Portraits
~ Contemporary Glamour
~ Senior Portraits

Services available:
- Still Life & Product Advertising
- Lifestyle Advertising
- Sporting Event Photography
- Newborn & Maternity Photography
- Bridal Engagements
- Studio Space Rental

A personal message from the owner, Crystal C Harris:
As a former model, fashion and photography have always been a few of the most inspiring subjects in my life. Coming from Chicago, I believe the southern market is on the verge of something dynamic. With the love, effort and desire shown for the business, the industry will continue to see fresh success stories emerging from this region.

My husband and I love this environment. We have been blessed by God to work and share our lives with people from many diverse cultures. It is the chance to share with others that drives us to create images that last for this lifetime; all while building relationships that will last for eternity.

One of our greatest pleasures is helping models and actors develop professional portfolios. Headshot photography and portfolio building has become a focal point for us. It gives us an opportunity to help someone achieve their goal as well as a chance for all to create beautiful works of art. If you desire photographers who build lasting relationships with their customers and work whole-heartedly to improve the career of the artist, then your place is in front of our camera.

To everyone in the southern area, please support your local models, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists and wardrobe stylists. The future of the market begins and ends with you.

For more information on our rates, please use the contact page to setup a free consultation just for your specific needs.

Thank you for visiting with us,

Crystal C Harris
Owner and Creative Director
Faith Fashion & Photos, LLC