Headshots for Business

Business Headshot by Faith Fashion & Photos in Nashville | Spring Hill, TNBusiness Headshot - Michelle BrookeBusiness Headshot by Faith Fashion & Photos in Nashville | Spring Hill, TN.

It's a new age. Our images are populated all over the internet. The online profile is the new business card. There are corporate intranets, headhunter job sites, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, About.me, and the list goes on. Some companies and many schools are requiring a headshot as part of your application process. There are only a few times in life that you have complete control over the first impression people and this is one of them, your business introduction. So make your first photographic impression one that is engaging and one that people will remember and feel compelled to connect with.
Faith Fashion & Photos understands the need for an image that inspires confidence, convinces others of your personality, and that makes you stand out. It authenticates your seriousness about your personal brand, professionalism and dedication to the job at hand.
Our business headshot session has been designed with your busy schedule in mind. Every step of the process has been streamlined to accommodate your tight schedule. Using state of the art technology, your images are immediately displayed on a monitor for instant review.
The first round of twenty frames is a warm-up and we review in session to decide what poses and expressions are working best for you. Each person has a unique facial structure and body type.  We use this exercise to help decide what’s going to work best for your needs. Once we’ve decided on a direction for your headshot, we get you back in front of the camera to capture that perfect shot. Usually, we knock this out in the second series, but sometimes it takes a little longer. Crystal and I utilize our experience and share our expertise along the way, but the session is not over until you feel like you have something that will represent you for years to come. Most sessions last between 45-60 minutes and we usually wind up with five to 10 keepers. You will choose your favorite image to be retouched and we will provide the cleaned up image in digital format. 
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