Nashville is gaining momentum in the fast track world of TV and movies. Actors only have a headshot to show who they are. To improve your chances of being successful, you don't need the average model headshot but instead, you need excellent quality images that are uniquely purposed to draw out your personality and spirit. The best investment you will have is a headshot that carries the East Coast or West Coast style that the directors are expecting. 

East Coast Headshot

East Coast Headshot focuses on personality and character. Simple backgrounds to reduce distractions.

Alex Pelerossi - East Coast Headshot by Faith Fashion & PhotosEast Coast HeadshotEast Coast Headshot focuses on personality and character. Simple backgrounds to reduce distractions. Faith Fashion & Photos, LLC in Nashville / Spring Hill TN


West Coast Headshot

West Coast Headshot with natural lighting and casual background for comfortable appeal

West Coast headshots by Faith Fashion & PhotosWest Coast HeadshotWest Coast Headshot with casual background and natural lighting by Faith Fashion & Photos, LLC


The casting directors will look at hundreds or possibly thousands of headshots when casting a part. It's our job to make certain they spend a few moments longer reviewing yours. Casting directors need to be able to see if you have that look for the leading lady or just the side-kick, best friend. Are you going to be cast in dramas or comedies? Do you model? Are you planning on auditioning for commercial roles like advertising campaigns? All the answers come down to what they see in your headshot.

Faith Fashion & Photos understands that everyone needs options. Each headshot session is focused with your independent needs in mind. We fit your photos to your personality and make certain that personality comes through for the casting directors to see. The sessions are a unique and special marketing tool that  was designed specifically, to show off your best traits and get you work. Most of our Actor Headshot Packages are based on the number of looks you need. Our most popular package is the 3-look package. It gives you the option of custom tailoring your headshot to the roles you are trying to get. Experienced actors frequently refresh their portfolio by doing a 1-look session to update their existing headshot. The sessions usually last about 60-90 minutes for the first look and 30 minutes for each additional.

Call now to reserve get your portfolio (615.200.7688) or email [email protected]. Take your career seriously enough to invest in your success.