Boudoir Portraits

Why do it? Why make images that are sexy, revealing and then share them?

Because it's about more than showing a lot of skin for someone to gawk at! It's about building a tool that strengthens the relationship between a husband and wife. In Song of Solomon, the king spends many hours gazing upon the beauty of his lover. His specific metaphors compare her body and face to beautiful elements of their environment. The young woman explores his body with her eyes and tells all the other women just how magnificently handsome his physique is. She describes her lover in detail in the tone of his arms and the gaze in his eyes.

As women, we are put into all kinds of mental pictures, some that are flattering and many that are not so pleasing, but none could be as important, humanly speaking, as the image that our husbands think of on a daily basis.

"What does he think of me?" we ask. "What does he think of this woman or the other women that I know?" Comparing ourselves a major fault in our self-confidence. It's because we want our lover to think of us when they consider beauty, love and affection. That affection should be found in our eyes and it should be in our own curvy, flat, plain, pear shaped, or hourglass figure.  In our own beauty, our husband should find his sexual dreams.

As with the couple in Song of Solomon, if my husband has a beautiful, sensual and sexy mental image of me, then I don't worry as much about what he thinks of another woman. Visualizing me can be a source for him to fall back on when temptation comes along; that same temptation that every single person battles... LUST. What can I do to help keep my loved one focused and strengthened? Prayer and preparation. Prayer gives us both the strength to withstand. Preparation is the part where I can go the extra mile. I can take the extra step to help my partner overcome the battle.

I can take the time and effort to prepare something special for my lover, something that allows him to identify home as something other than bills, crying children, and a list of chores. My efforts will keep our intimacy fresh and invigorating. I can make the decision to give him something that keeps the focus on my God given beauty versus that of another.

Do you want to help kindle the spark in your marriage? Today, you can commission Faith Fashion & Photos and their team of experts, to exemplify your beauty and make lasting memories for your loved one to cherish. Let's get going!

  • start with a shopping spree with the professional wardrobe stylists
  • next is a session with the professional makeup artists
  • add in a new look with the hair stylist
  • and last but not least, a glamorous photo shoot with professional fashion photographers, Crystal & Tim Harris 

The end result can be a lasting wall image, a chic personal magazine, a private calendar, or a gorgeous wood photo box with matted prints inside. Crystal will generate creative ways to share your unique gift with your spouse. Next time your lover sees a magazine with a beautiful face and figure on it... it will be YOURS!

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